Super View® HTC Lens

Hassan-Tornambe Contact Lens

The familiar clarity and image quality of the Tornambe Contact Lens now with an improved stability mechanism developed by Dr. Tarek Hassan. It has an absorbent customizable ring with four legs to maximize stability, providing the surgeon with superior control and visualization.

The contact lens is extremly stable.




  • Single-use for crisp, clear view every time
  • 36° field of view for a complete view of the posterior pole
  • Uniform leg orientation maximizes instrument maneuverability
  • Ready to use right out of the pack, no assembly or suturing required
  • Absorbent symmetrical customizable foam ring for unparalleled stability in surgery
  • One or more of the stabilizing legs may be trimmed off for a perfectly customized fit
  • The Super View® HTC Lenses are sold in a box of 10 each.


OCULUS Super View® HTC Lens

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