The world´s first single-use wide angle viewing system.

From the inventors of non-contact wide angle viewing, comes the world's first single-use wide angle viewing system.
The BIOM® ready provides the retinal surgeon the same unparalled view they have come to rely on for over 25 years, while addressing the need for maximizing operating efficiency.



Surgery with the BIOM® ready



SDI® 4/BIOM® ready adaptions are currently available for the following microscope types:
Alcon LuxOr™, LuxOr™ Q-Vue
Haag-Streit HS Allegra 900, HS Allegra 590, HS Hi-R Neo 900
Huvitz HOM 700
Kaps SOM
Leica M500 / M501, M620, M650, M690, M840, M841, M820, M822, M844, Proveo 8
Möller-Wedel Ophtamic 900, EOS 900
Takagi OM-18, OM-8, OM-9
Topcon OMS-110, OMS-600, OMS-610, OMS-650, OMS-710, OMS-800 Standard, OMS-800 Pro, OMS-850 Standard, OMS-850 Pro
Zeiss OPMI VISU 140 / 150 / 160, VISU 200 / 210, Lumera™ 300 / 700, Lumera™ T, Lumera™ i, OPMI CS with Retrolux 1/3/CS or with Retroskop 1/2/CS, OPMI MDI / MDO / MDU, OPMI 1/6